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We established in the year of 2005. Cherry Blossom is proud and delighted bringing you as a soho and personal studio which develop and promote beauty, fashion design, lifestyle and music. We also provide you with professional career opportunities consulting and mobile learning classes. We belief interest and enthusiasm will bring its way to success.

Cherry Blossom Florid : Life. Happiness for eternal lifetime.
The law of fate is a cycle, it will be coming back.
Cherry Blossom Significant Levy : Warm. Pure. Noble.
Cherry Blossom Spirit : After enduring the coldness of the winter season, it blossoms during lovely spring.
Be patience and tolerance to wait for the best opportunities.
*Campanulata smiling with beauty spirit, Western Cherry kindness education, Winter Cherry the mystery of oriental.

"Mobile Learning Revolution, Popularity and Artistry"
Finding our interest and hidden talent, to enrich our life. Achieving the success by mastering various skills.
Cherry Blossom Collection is gald to share ideas in developing hobby & interest into your career.
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